Wood Chair Varnish Finish colors:

Uniflex offers traditional stains in a wide variety of colors.  For the top coat, Uniflex uses a conversion varnish which is the toughest type of clear coat finish available for wood furniture.  Other furniture manufacturers often choose to use a pre-catalyzed lacquer due to lower cost and a simpler manufacturing process, but the post-catalyzed varnish is much more scratch resistant.

Please call for finish selections.

Uniflex Church Furniture company manufactures and specializes in making custom stacking chairs for churches, synagogues, and other worship centers.  We work with each customer individually to create the perfect chair for each worship center.

Standard Priced Varnish Finishes:
Antique Walnut Autumn Cherry Burnt Umber
Cumberland English Chestnut Honey Oak
Provincial Riverwood Royal Mahogany
Traditional Pecan