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Church Pews

Historically, church pews were felt to be the only seating option for a worship environment. Now, increasingly, former church pew devotees are looking to other seating options as a more practical alternative to church pews. The trend in the Church Furniture market away from traditional church pews to more flexible seating choices such as church chairs is growing dramatically.

Uniflex recognizes that church pews are steeped in tradition, but feels the advantages of church chairs far outweigh the traditionalism of church pews. Uniflex offers a product line of solid wood church chairs that create the warm, reverent ambience only associated with church pews in the past. We understand that many clients want solid wood furniture in their sanctuary while at the same time they also want the flexibility and affordability not attainable with church pews. For these clients, our highly specialized wood church chair, the Meridian, is the ideal choice featuring a solid wood back or upholstered back along with many other options and features tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Church chairs immediately increase the seating capacity of the worship facility as compared with church pews. Studies have shown that individuals are much more comfortable taking an empty Pew Chair as opposed to filling an empty space on a church pew. Some other advantages of church chairs over church pews are flexibility, pricing, and ease of maintenance.

When shopping for church furnishings, please take the time to speak with Uniflex and consider our line of church chairs that offer the warmth and beauty of wood without the cost and maintenance issues associated with church pews. We offer a great alternative to church pews and have hundreds of customers that are grateful they made the decision to purchase instead of church pews.

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